Blogging Guidelines: FAQ



What is the commission fee structure?

CEO Space pays out Club President fees at almost 30% commission on sales when Club President overrides are included.
This 30% fee payout on average is:
  • Far higher than real estate
  • Higher than auto sales
  • Higher than computer sales
  • Higher than plane sales

Who owns the community being guilt? 

The community of prospects, leads, and members are owned by CEO Space International. Club Presidents serve our community with weekly networking Gatherings following the CEO Space best practices (see below). Contractors have preferred service standards for the corporate communities they are paid to build, while they are delivering required results.

What are the recommended Best Practices?

We invest our heart and soul in serving you as our community partners. We ask you to invest your love of helping people, your natural skill at networking, and to ramp your business up. This mindset will create momentum for your future.


The highest pay in our entire industry is led by very proud and qualified industry professionals. Our most successful Club Presidents  follow these best practices:
  • Host weekly networking gatherings in home communities using proven format.
  • Preclude offering content to the community exclusive to our product.
  • Participate in weekly sessions with new CPs and mature CPs for professional excellence and outstanding customer service consistency to communities served.
  • Build and grow the local community to the income of your own dreams.
  • Participate in live trainings, five times annually and to serve clients on-site during CEO Space forums.
  • Participate in corporate sales promotions
  • Utilize Hubspot as your sales pipeline management tool


Over the past 30 years, we’ve experimented with a variety of methods for quick growth and high sales, and the best practices that we share with you are the result of 30 years of studying our own business.
What we have found is that those who start running their business without having an understanding of our best practices never earn as high an income as the Club Presidents who follow our proven best practices.
At CEO Space we’re here to guide you to the most effective methods to grow the income of your dreams while having more fun helping others to grow their business, and earning a higher income than any other business you can start up.
So while you are independent contractor and you can totally make choices for your business, we give you proven best practices because we know our business better than anyone. Allow us to support and guide you to your income goal.

How much time will I need to Invest each week?

You get what you put in. We find the most successful CP work their Club President business full time.

Is there travel Required?

Yes. As a CP you’ll travel locally within your own community to network, and meet business owners and other prospects for potential CEO Space memberships. We also encourage you to attend all 5 forums a year to provide top notch customer service for the members you recruit, thus helping your forward business of referrals.

Does CEO Space have assigned territories?

No. We’d dont have territories. If you know someone in California or New Zealand, you’re able to share CEO Space with them. We utilize our CEO Space CRM system to help CPs protect the leads they have made.

Do I have to be a member to sel CEO Space Memberships?

It depends on the level of financial success you’re looking to achieve. Membership is not required to become a CP of CEO Space, however we’ve found consistently over the years that our most successful CP are also members.  Because members understand our culture and the processes from an end user standpoint, it helps to create great leverage in the sales process


I'm a member of CEO Space, can I be a Club President too? 

Absolutely! We’ve found consistently over the years, that our most successful CPs are members of CEO Space first. Because members understand our culture and the processes from an end user standpoint, it helps to create great leverage in the sales process.


We also have processes in place to allow you to be a CP and continue to utilize your membership benefits.